A Very Special Evening!

Private Cooking Class & Dinner

Enjoy a private hands on cooking class for two. 

Experience 1 on 1 training and dinner to follow

all prepared and served by Chef Gary Lanza.

$450 for two

Cooking Class - Homemade Pastas

Growing up Italian

Growing up in an Italian background, Sundays were always special.  Because we grew up in the restaurant business Sundays were not spent in the home kitchen but were spent eating a family dinner at La Vigna (my families Italian Restaurant).  There my father made such great traditional Italian Specialties from homemade pastas to Osso Bucco (veal shank). I trained under my father from the early eighties to the late nineties also attending the CIA in 1987.

My Mother was also a great cook, she always helped my grandma prepare so many great foods from homemade meatballs to awesome lasagna.  All these classic Italian recipes were passed down to me. These old recipes are only served at The Chef's Table.

Join us at The Chef's Table Cooking Class... Salute –

Cooking Classes with Chef Gary Lanza

Plating Homemade Lasagna

Making Homemade Bucatini

Plating Homemade Meatballs 

Making Homemade Prosciutto With My Dad - Gino

Group Cooking Classes at The Chef's Table


At last – a different night out.  Here how it works!


Usually all classes are scheduled during week days.  Bring in a minimum of 8-10 guests.

After pre-selecting a unique menu, Chef Gary Lanza will provide an instructional with student participation class at a very high paced kitchen environment. After all courses are prepped, fully prepared and plated we will transfer the makings to the private dining room to enjoy a family style dinner. 

$85 per person​    call Chef Gary Lanza  516 376-8700

Plating Homemade Lasagna

Crushing Tomatoes for Sunday Sauce